Artwork Guidelines

Online Designer

Our online designer is for illustrative mockup purposes only and may not show true likeness to the specific garment you have chosen to customise in some cases. This is not to say the design wont come out how you want it but we advise that you pay attention to the width size in the righthand window as this will be the size we print your design, see the customiser guide for more info.

Artwork Quality / Resolution

When you come to upload any artwork on the online designer as a general rule, you should try to upload the best quality image in the highest resolution available of your logo/design that you have, we recommend 300dpi but 150 is acceptable. A design with a low pixel width or height will lose quality when it is enlarged and will result in a poor print Our online designer will flag up immediately that the quality you have upload isn't suffice before and will display a warning sign until you upload a better quality image or shrink the image, however you can still checkout with the warning sign but this is at user discretion.

We are always happy to check your artwork prior to order if you contact our customer service team who will be happy to help.

File Types We Can Accept

Our customiser can accept the following file types up to a maximum of 50Mb.
Jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, svg

If you need to send it to us in a different format please send to with your order number stated in the subject of the email so we can link to your design. You may send us formats via email of: tif, tiff, svg, pdf, ai, eps, ps, psd


We don't send you a proof as you are able to preview your design three different ways during the order process:

When you are on the customiser you are able to click on the "eye" icon at the top right corner. This will bring up a preview box of all sides of your design for you to view.

When you have finished designing your garment and click "add to cart" a box will appear with a preview window next to the sizes available for you to view all sides.
When you checkout you will see all sides of your design visible in your cart, you will be able to go back and re-edit your design if required simply by clicking on it.
Following this process will ensure you can be 100% happy with your design & will allow us to get it in the production queue right away with no delays.

Please bare in mind that if your image is of poor quality then the customiser will automatically flag up that it needs to be higher resolution. You can still checkout if the error flag is shown but this is at your own discretion and we cannot except any responsibility for poor prints due to poor quality images uploaded.

The print can only be as good as the image supplied.

Removing Image Backgrounds

When you come to upload your logo/design if requested we will remove the background if you are unable to. Example: You upload your logo which is black but has a white background on a red t shirt and you need the white removed. You can click remove background on the customiser, failing that leave a note in the order box before you checkout and we will remove it for you, please make it clear what image you would like the background removed from. Preferably we ask if you can use file format types such as png and eps that supports image transparencies which is best to use when saving if you want the background removing.



When it comes to visuals, it's crucial to steer clear of any elements that are "semi-transparent." Printing involves the deposition of ink onto a textile, and it's not feasible to apply ink with partial transparency. As a result, the outcome may be unsatisfactory, and it's important to consider this limitation.

Maximum Dimensions for Print

We ask that your design to be no bigger than 14"(W) X 19"(L) on a single side.