Copyright Information

Your design uploads should not infringe third-party rights or statutory regulations. This includes trademarks, copyrights and personality rights. The same applies to designs, logos and texts of radical, defamatory or constitutionally dubious nature.

To use a design (photo, logo, text, etc.) at T Shirt Printing UK, you need to hold the rights to the design - provided that such rights exist in the first place. Before you use a design, check its legal status or ask the rights holder to grant you restricted legal right of use.


Examples of copyright we can't accept

  • Registered Trademark companies and their logos, names and content.
  • Pictures or artwork of sports teams, schools and universities, organisations, clubs, movies, books, games and bands.
  • Actors & Characters from movies, books, comics and television shows.
  • Celebrities exploited in any way, even if you created original content.
  • Viral Content such a memes and YouTube videos.
  • Images found on search engines or any other image that is not listed for commercial use.
  • Logos of sports teams, schools and universities, organisations, clubs, movies, books, games and bands.


Copyright, brands and parodies

These are some well known, copyrighted logos such as Coca Cola, KFC, Nike, VW, Pepsi, Apple, McDonalds and so on... If you wish to have them printed, you have to obtain the permission from the owners of this brand. We will not print any garments without this permission.


Copyrights to Print Designs, Release from Liability

If the Customer provides his/her own motif or otherwise influences the product (personalisation of text), the Customer assures T Shirt Printing UK that the text and motif are not subject to any rights held by third parties. In such case the cost of any breaches of copyright, personal rights or rights to the use of a name will be borne solely by the Customer. The Customer also assures T Shirt Printing UK that by personalising the product he is also not breaching any other rights held by third parties.

The customer releases T Shirt Printing UK from all demands and claims which are made due to the infringement of such third-party rights, as far as the customer is responsible for the breach of duty. The customer shall reimburse T Shirt Printing UK for all defence costs and other damages resulting from any such action.

What happens to designs which violate legal provisions?

Both partners and customers should be aware that the illegal use of copyrighted material can lead to high penalties. This also applies to designs and texts which defame or are questionable under constitutional law. In the case of a violation, T Shirt Printing UK will refer the violating party to the copyright holder, or, as the case may be, make them responsible to the rights holder for any damages.

T Shirt Printing UK makes an effort to discover and eliminate all types of infringement. If we discover suspicious content, it will be removed immediately and without warning.

If you've discovered a suspicious design or a defaming text: Just send an email to: Your personal information will be protected according to data protection regulations.