Printing Methods

Here at TPUK we offer several different premium print methods. 

Don't worry, our print team will make the decision about which method to use for you, unless you specify how you'd like it printed. We have listed all the printing methods that we offer below with details on where they would most be suitable.



Direct to garment

This is one of our most popular & standard print methods due to it being very versatile and creating full fantastic prints, from basic artwork to full colour complex designs. With DTG, the ink is sprayed directly onto the garment, which allows for high-quality, full-colour prints. DTG prints are soft, breathable, and very durable.


  • Brilliant, high quality print results
  • Smooth print, feels part of the material
  • Can print on light or dark garments (since the fabric soaks up the ink, the print may be slightly less vibrant using DTG, especially on darker garments)
  • Available for all file formats
  • Smooth surface thanks to dyed-in-fabric prints
  • When you follow the printed garment’s care instructions, the prints will last a long time. They won’t crack, peel, or fade.
  • Great for all quantity orders 1-500+



Direct to film

Direct to film printing is the other main printing method we offer here at TPUK. It is suitable for printing most types of artwork and can be used on a wide variety of fabrics. The process involves printing ink directly onto a special paper which is then cured, before the artwork is then placed onto the garment and heat pressed. DTF prints have excellent colour accuracy and detail, are durable, and look fantastic.


  • Creates a beautiful solid print which is sharp, clear and vivid, so you will get a result very close to your original design.
  • Great for printing on material that has an open weave, or on synthetic fabrics, where DTG would not be possible (DTG is best suited for natural fabrics, like cotton, linen or cotton blends)
  • The prints are smooth and elastic, which ensures longevity
  • Even though the print has a plastic feel (which is the printed film) and might be slightly stiff initially, it’ll wear in after a few washes
  • The DTF method is excellent for printing photos, colourful designs, graphics, and fine art, due to its ability to capture the details of complex artwork
  • The prints are resistant to cracking and can handle heavy use and cold to lukewarm washes without fading color.
  • Great for small to large quantities


Vinyl printing

The Vinyl transfer printing method starts off with a machine which cuts your artwork our of a single-coloured piece of vinyl. The vinyl design is then heat pressed onto the garment using a heat press. Vinyl is very hardwearing and allows a solid colour print. One thing to mention is that vinyl is only available in certain colours which may not achieve an exact colour match to your design. Vinyl printing may incur an additional cost, to cover the vinyl itself, as it is ordered in specially on an order by order basis. If this is a method you are interested in using, please contact our team on and they can provide information about available colours and pricing.


  • Creates a solid vibrant, bold finish
  • Great for small to medium quantities
  • Suitable for text and simple designs
  • Only one colour per design possible



Flock printing

Flock printing method is like vinyl only that the material is a single colour furry velvet sheet which is also cut out on a plotter machine. Similarly to the vinyl, if this is a print method you are interested in, please contact us for pricing and colour options.


  • Max. 3 colours per design
  • 3D feel where the material sticks out visibly with a furry velvet feel.